Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome to everybody..

Slamat datang..ahlan hou ma...
As an introduction..
For men and women in uniform,
who put their line everyday..
to make the world a better place..

Remember the pledge that we made long time a go..All of us, so called human being promise to become a leader of the world (khalifah)..but some people say that i'm not so good to become a leader..but actually..yes! we were born 2 become a leader..leader of ourself first and foremost, family leader to make better peace in our family..and of coz leader for the world!

If there is no human in tis world, who will lead the world's play to keep it in better peace n harmony? of coz God is the greatest creator..but the players? even the football team got a couch rite?

So think bout we r a leader..take the challenge from God say..and use the power wisely so that it is easy for us to anwer His question later about what hv we dun wif the power..

To become a good leader..we must be knowlegable, high effort, and think about people arround us..never be selfish with the powers because the Greaters Power is under Him..

Just play our lead better UMMAH!
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Imaging Diagnostic & Radiotherapy on the blocks.

Imaging Diagnostic & Radiotherapy on the blocks.
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