Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Losing 10kg??

Losing 10 kg?


Breakfast:cereal+susu+buah/roti+telur 1/2 masak..

Minum pagi: 1 botol air masak..

Lunch:bee hoon sup+air teh o (tanpa ais)+buah..

Petang: senaman di gym untuk membakar 150 kalori..

Dinner:sup+sumber protein cam ayam,ikan daging+sayur (rebus)..no more nasi at all...

Dis is what my friend suggested to me(dunno wether it's work on me /not)..i try to continue this menu and routine..i believed NO PAIN, NO GAIN...after 4 days workout, it works!! OMG i lost 1kg~ it was so surprised! i try to continue with it..but somehow..my helper even can't stand anymore with my diet coz she also get bored to cook that same thing for me (so manja one)..somehow, i try it harder...until, my 4am "on call" duty ..it was hand x-ray called with indication patient fallen down in bathroom, to rule out fracture ..by having a sudden+urgent wake up called and speeding car, 15km in 10min, make my head spinning like gasing..i thought it was just hypotense where not enough O2 or blood supply to the brain..but it's still keep coming on the next 2 days during my hectic routine, rushing here n there to do so called imaging work as a radiographer..

To make it short..with my bad headache..i feel like my world is spinning around and i can't stand anymore..referred by emergency department directly to my beloved ENT specialist, Dr.Kuljit.. finished his jampi to treat my imbalance fluid in cochlear(this is what they diagnosed based on my symptoms).V.E.R.T.I.G.O..it was so surprised that i have to take leave n got MC for 2 days (shows that i really need some rest)..i feel so down at that time..i feel like..i'm going to die..

Nevertheless, my beloved father, who suffered the same prob as mine do comfort me by saying that this case is not that critical..unfortunately, it will only give you some uncomfortableness in your daily routine..it can be cured after taking the medicine..

In conclusion, i'm not sure wether it's related or not between the dignosis and my new lifestyle (maybe it was too drastic!)..but, the first thing that i would like to express out from the bottom of my heart are..

  • don't think too much..(never too stress..please..)..eventhought some people say that i'm like "hot-hot chicken sh*t" a.k.a hangat2 tahi ayam with my workout~

  • don't simply follow other people's steps(cause maybe different people have different need and capability..surprisingly my friend manage to lost 5 kg by following that lifestyle..huhu..congratulation!)

  • Last but not least..i learnt a lot bout the meaning of S.Y.U.K.U.R..to ALLAH because i'm healthier before..and start to feel like..my healthy health taken out slowly..it's ok because at least i learnt a lesson (sedapkan hati..).. i pray to Allah..for having back that bountifulness of life to me..soory to myself~

=(..trying to appreciate what i already have..
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Imaging Diagnostic & Radiotherapy on the blocks.

Imaging Diagnostic & Radiotherapy on the blocks.
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