Sunday, March 1, 2009


Just wanna share at least sumthing which i got from my beloved blue book(bought last week..ahaks!) written by the glamourous and passion motivator: Dato' Fadzilah kamsah and well known ex- student leader; Ahmad fazli yusof..

This book entittle "Power of migrate, Power to change" or in the exact word.."Kuasa Hijrah, Kuasa untuk berubah"..the writer is so creative and able to implant the knowledges and steps within the book directly and indirectly to the understand more and applied the things that u get on the same time...without hesitation...they can bring and lead the reader to follow the rules of " knowledge is nothing if u dun work on it.."

i learn alot about how to plan my future in a better way of thinking, and sharing stories with all the top2 leaders(CEO's) in Malaysia..which all of this information will really help me lot in my future especially when i'm start dealing with people and hectic lifestile..huhu~that's sounds great!

ATTITUDE+SKILLS+KNOWLEDGE must bring up to higher limit so that it will be fully utilise and become the recipe to SUCCESS..believe wuteva u do, u must apply this..but before that, u must imagine your life path if u lazy...u'll become wut? excellent?? of course it will be vice, planed your future dream and strive to make it come true..just believe in urself that u can make it! start with niat..proceed with prayer..erm..but before u pray, wut must u do?? wudhu' rite??erm..that's get ady point..and all the tindakan must go through with FOCUS or Khusyuk..and must CONSISTENT or..?? istiqamah..very GOood...

BUT, wut if ............

U start to fail and FAIL....heeee......just give a BIGGG SMILEEE & thank for Allah for giving u chance to get a free motivation course practically..not theoritically only like u paid at the seminar or motivation course... quickly change/twist ur mind in a POSITIVE way..and said..maybe this is my kifarah dosa(menghapus dosa silam).. see....u'll be surprise that the failure is the starting point for you to achive into higher level..thats y we must pray for ujian n dugaan, so that...when we r given with the hardship, actually our level will be higher besides Him..and think contradictly...

wut happen to ourselve....if we always been given merrier and kaya raya ever after without any obstacles...

erm..wut do you think??
for me..i think..i will forget who i in Al-Mulk:2..."Yang menciptakan mati dan hidup, untuk menguji kamu, siapa diantara kamu yang lebih baik amalnya, Dia Maha Pangampun..Maha Perkasa..."..

So..hopefully we can applied all the above steps to achieve our GOAL.

Together We succeed!!!

see you later..(",)

....Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya..
Al-Baqarah:286(",) must proud to be tested.

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