Sunday, April 17, 2011

Experience the differences in Prince Court Medical Center

Assalamualaikum..dan Salam Sejahtera kepada semua ..

After such a long leave, now i feel missing the blog already..The leave start since i've been warded in Prince Court Medical center ( salmonella attacking a.k.a food poisoning..huhu

Anyway, just take it as a positive side..which is...i can have a loooong rest which 10 days Leave!! Thats the first time i've ever experience..Alhamdulillah..Allah knows better..

The thing is...syukur sangat2 sebab warded di Prince Court Medical Center..bcoz..

1)layanannya cukup ekslusif..
2)No long queue to get the diagnosis n treatment..
3)Price..??hurm ..not too expensive..which i can say it is affordable..
4)nice food,
5)lovely treat from nurses n doctor..
6)good medication..
7)nice environement..macam hotel dah...

And now....Let me tell you the experince in there..

First of all, of course the food is so tempting n delicious...first time makan lamb chop yang x berbau.....hehehe..

That can make you recover la.kidding..but sumtimes its true coz it psikologically set you mine that u r not in a hospital.

This is the enviroment through the window in the ward n sumtime make the patient stay longer in the hospital just for the sake of appreciating the good environment,,, my mom did..=) love u mummy ^_^

Complete toileteries provided..dah macam hotel plak..ouch!

And of course the most precious gift from my family n friends..(actually this one to my mom..not me..)

Nevertheless..Jangan ingat saya nak show of (because the prices is almost the same as other private hospital..serious..x tipu..bole log in to n do make an appoiment..i suggest..only if you sick la kan...kalau sehat datang melawat ok gak..) atau nak promote PCMC (staff promotion...)..tapi...

"Just sharing from my friend's story who stay in singapore..called Aheng..He's a Malaysian chinese boy who work there for almost 2 years..he said, in Singapore, the goverment hospital there treat the patient exactly like what i'm telling u about in PCMC. (which is known as 5 star hospital)..

What i'm trying to say is, sebenarnya, semua rakyat Malaysia layak mendapat layanan istimewa spt private hospital di Hospital kerajaan...hurm.... Renung2kan..


  1. madyt........................!!saket ke hr tu...xbgtaw pon...!miz u dear..ALLAH syg kamu=)

  2. good sharing then my dear..urm..tu la...mcm best jerk dok sgapore..p mybe diorang xseramai kita kot..p xtaw la kan..p msia..faham sgt dah..:)

  3. Madyt,...sedihla lagu Dauk CT ni..huk3..

  4. saniza:Miss you because of Allah too..

    Ana: tapi kerajaan Malaysia kayo~ haha

    sedih jugak..tgh feeling ni sbnrnya...huhu..

  5. Of course Malaysia doesn't provide the excellent service Singaporean government hospitals do in our government hospitals. You want to know why? Because Malaysian government gives us CHEAP -- almost FREE -- health care benefits.

    Now, tell me, what other country out there (especially a country that is still considered 3rd class and in its growing stage) gives such medical care to their rakyat at almost no cost at all?

    Even in the States, the thing most below-average income working class citizens complain about is the fact that the price of health care is tremendous. Everyone there is forced to dedicate a portion of their money to insurance, whereas here in Malaysia, people don't know how good they have it and hardly ever bother to appreciate it.

    Sure this country doesn't give us high-class 5 star service, but at least we give treatment! It's much better than demanding our citizens to fork out thousands of dollars every year for insurance we might not even need to private companies.

    Geez. I'm sorry. I don't know you and you don't know me either. I'm not trying to be a hater, I just felt this opinion should be stated.

    I don't even speak Malay yet I know to appreciate a good country when I see it.


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Imaging Diagnostic & Radiotherapy on the blocks.
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